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China Post Air Mail Tracking

China Post is a state-owned enterprise that reaches out to every corner of China and more than 200 countries worldwide. China Post has a relatively low rate for its services, so many people prefer to choose it to ship international parcels, though it may take a little longer to arrive the destination country. China Post is making progress in this respect, it is working to upgrade its service and delivery speed without raising prices.

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Normally it will take 2-4 weeks for goods shipped by China Post to arrive. Customers can track their parcles using the tracking number which is a 13-digit code starting with letter "R" and ending with "CN", for instance, RR999931494CN. Refer to the following information to visit China Post website or call them to get customer services.

Contact China Post online:

Contact China Post via Email: feedback@chinapost.com.cn

Contact China Post by Mail:

  • Address: No.3 Financial Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
  • Zip Code: 100808

Contact China Postal Express & Logistics by Mail:

  • Address: No. 14, TaipinghuDongli, Xuanwumen West Street No.127, Xicheng District, Beijing
  • Zip Code: 100031

Contact China Postal Express & Logistics Customer Service Hotline: +86 11183.

For formal inquiry of all international items, the sender shall go to local post office for information.

  1. China Post Official English Site: english.chinapost.com.cn.
  2. China Post Logistics and EMS Phone Number: +86 11183.
  3. China Post Postal Business Phone Number: +86 11185.