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EUB/ePacket Tracking

EUB/ePacket is an international postal product provided by China Post to support international e-commerce. It is an exclusive postal service for Chinese eBay sellers to air lightweight and small products to destination countries.The postage of EUB is economic and it takes 1-2 weeks to arrive US from China. Currently, EUB/ePacket reaches out to America, Britain, Canada, French and Australia.

EUB/ePacket tracking number consists of 13-digit code starting with letter "LK" and ending with "CN", for example LK775862145CN.

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When EUB/ePacket arrives America, it will be delivered by American First Class network. Customers can track their parcels by using tracking numbers. Information about the packet can be tracked both at China Post and USPS system, and at My eBay for eBay buyer. Considering the delay of information transfer between two sides, departure and receive information on China Post EMS website will be earlier than that on USPS website, and information about arriving at American center on USPS website will be earlier than that on China Post EMS website.

EUB in U.S. Price Standard

  • Maximum weight per piece is 2 KG. Pickup service fee ¥5 will be charged for shipments less than 5.
  • For all parcels, ¥7 per piece, additional 1 gram ¥0.08. For the parcels less than 60g, price will be calculated as it is 60g.