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Hongkong Post Tracking

As one of the most popular and reliable postal companies in south Asia, Hongkong Post enjoys a good repuration due to its good infrastructers, solid legal framwork, low packet loss rate, efficiency, low price and good service. It is one of the most favorable choice of many eBay sellers.

Hong Kong Post tracking number consists of 13-digit code starting with letter "R" and ending with "HK', for example, RB320398432HK.

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Advantages of Hongkong Post

  1. Efficient. The offshore processing time for Hong Kong Post is usually 1 day (no more than 3 days), which is much shorter than any other postal compaies.
  2. Reliable. As the largetst free harbor in Asia, Hong Kong has good infrastructers and a solid legal framwork, thus enjoys a good reputation in the world. Many eBay sellers choose Hong Kong at their item location to build their reliable figure, and to increase customers' confidence. The low cost and low packet loss rate of Hong Kong Post is another reason why so many people use it.
  3. Secure. Quality services provided by Hong Kong Post has won worldwide recognition. It usually takes 5 to 9 days for Hong Kong post packet to arrive most of country of destination.

Hongkong Post Contact Information

  1. Hong Kong Post Official Site: www.hongkongpost.hk
  2. Hong Kong Post Contact Information: www.hongkongpost.hk/eng/contact/index.htm